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Learn a language

Have you ever sat on a park bench and listened to a conversation in a foreign country wishing you knew how to communicate with them? If you have thought or attempted to learn a language whilst travelling then you’ll be glad to know you’re not alone! With a staggering number of 6912 living languages in the world, I don’t think many expect to learn more than one language in their lifetime.

For those who are multilingual, I am truly in awe to you. When I was growing up in school, I was taught both French and Spanish and nowadays I struggle hard to remember the phrases learnt – mainly because I never exercise those languages in my every day to day life. This is exactly what put the drive into me that makes me want to live in a country and dive right in, into a world of unknown, travelling at it’s best and lost in a voice of unsurety.

The major plus of speaking English has a massive plus when travelling as even the most obscure countries seem to all want to learn our language. Not only does this mean travelling can be a little less daunting for the first timers, but when you aren’t quite sure how to speak in their native language, you have a handy back up you may get away with. This however doesn’t mean you should speak English everywhere you go, instead try to learn a language of your destination, even a few phrases will put a smile on the local’s faces as they will know you are trying.

With the subject of languages, we wanted to share an infographic with you to help you learn a language or two by starting with Hello!

learn a language

Do you speak more than one language? Have you tried to learn? Or simply now inspired to give it a go.. let us know in the comments below

Article written by Adam Boston

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  • Lesh @ NOMADasaurus

    Commented on 03/07/2014 at 11:42

    We love learning different languages. It is amazing how much easier it is to travel and locals of that country appreciate it so much. We are in Vietnam at the moment in a very touristy town. When we try to speak Vietnamese to locals, they are so happy and grateful that we are trying. They even help us with our pronunciation and teach us new words. But you need to practise. If you don’t speak the language regularly you forget.

    • Adam Boston

      Commented on 03/07/2014 at 15:50

      That’s really lovely to hear, I’m sure they’ll appreciate learning some English too! I agree you need to practice – I am a sucker for forgetting languages if unspoken and exercised frequently!


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